Sequoia Fitness Products USA is the new leader in body measurement devices.  Whether you are interested in
lean body mass, body fat, or BMI, we have a product to meet your needs.  Plus all of our items are designed to
meet a military standard of physical readiness - the new goal of fitness.  Enjoy, participate, and get stronger now!
Warrior Digital Body Mass Caliper is
the only body fat caliper to calculate
body fat % and lean body mass. The on-
screen real time memory shows current
and last results for up to 4 users
  • Weight
  • Body Fat %
  • Lean Body Mass
  • Skinfold Measurements.
OrbiTape body tape measure
Warrior digital body fat caliper
MetaCal body fat caliper
Tonus Body Mass
Calculator is used to
measure Body Mass
Index as well as Body
Fat % and Lean Body
Mass. Get digital body
conjunction with
OrbiTape Body Tape
Measures and MetaCal
Bodyfat Calipers
Body Mass Index and BMI,
Tonus PE BMI Height, and
Weight Percentiles
.  Why wait
for an annual pediatric visit to get
your child's important weight and
growth information?
Defender body fat caliper
OrbiTape Body Mass Tape Measure
is used by armed forces worldwi
Measures biceps, chest,
waist, hips,
quads, calves, and more.  Constant
Tension Technology ensures that
OrbiTape is accurate and calibrated for
a snug fit.
HydraFit is the use it wet,use it
dry, wipe your bod, cool you
down, clean your mess, keep in
your gym bag, wash it or toss it
workout towel!
Defender Body Fat Caliper is the
only caliper to have a Visual Pressure

Indicator for
perfect readings for
accurate results
The Defender Body
Fat Results
Wheel is included so there
are NO complicated charts required.
MetaCal is the most widely used and
lowest priced caliper on the market -
tested and proven for over 30 years.
Featured on GLEE in 2013!
Heat Wave Instant Reusable
Heat Packs and Hand
Warmers provide pain relief
and are reusable for a lifetime.
Great for attending or playing
cold weather sports.
Body Measurement Products for Better Health,
Fitness, and Bodybuilding
FatStat digital body fat caliper uses the
original digital body fat caliper
technology from the inventor of the first
digital caliper introduced in the U.S.
All of Sequoia's Body Fat Measurement devices are now
tested, recommended, and endorsed by:
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Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat Packs and Hand Warmers
Heat Wave Hand Warmers
Dr. Fill's Water Tunnel is the
All-Fill-No-Spill Water Bottle
Funnel for filling reusable water
bottles with filtered water.
Dr. Fill fits directly into the opening of wide-mouth water bottles