The use it wet, use it dry, wipe your bod, cool
you down, clean your mess, keep in your gym
bag, wash it or toss it workout towel!
  • Biodegradeable - made with 100% natural fibers
  • No polyvinyl alcohol or chemicals like Hydryx and swim towels
HydraFit Compressed Workout Towel
If you are working out in a gym or home, you need to get HydraFit - youcan use it wet or dry to cool
you off or dry yourself or your gear - for less than $1.49, how can you lose?
HydraFit is compressed so you could
actually fit hundreds in your gym bag!
It's almost too hard to believe that it
opens to a full size workout towel.
Comes in a 10-pack roll
sweat and water to the max
HydraFit works
great on a gym
you clean and